In this two part course you will learn:

🥰  How to attract your ideal client into your Facebook group

🤪 How to create group content that your members will go crazy for

🤩 How to nurture your group so they become forever fans


🤑 How to fill your diary with paying clients just from your Facebook Group 



I built a business that makes £4M a year from a Facebook group.


The first £100k came from a Facebook group of less than 1500 people that I grew in 5 months.


I didn’t use ads (I’m starting to now!), I didn’t use affiliates. I used the power of relationship building.


And I know I’m unusual in that.


And so I want to teach you how I did it.


So that you’re doing something not only productive but also working towards being ready to sell in a few months so that you aren’t starting from scratch then.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it just for Facebook groups? I don't think my clients are on Facebook!

How much money will I make with this course?

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